Our floral gallery is a place where art, crafts, flowers, and home accessories are dynamically combined.

The fantastic wall design by Australian artist Kerrie Brown creates a unique atmosphere for browsing in our museum loft. Our floral arrangements will transport you to an astonishing new world!

Cut flowers & bouquets

Our florists will create individual bouquets for you from seasonally selected cut flowers or original exotic blossoms – we also deliver them within Vienna starting at 35 Euros (plus current courier fees).

Containers & vases

We carry vases by Henry Dean from Belgium – let the unusual shapes, colours and sizes inspire you. Like many others, you might develop a passion for collecting these unique, mouth-blown, sometimes limited-edition vessels.

Kerrie Brown

Australian artist and former set designer Kerrie Brown provides the perfect textiles to complement our marvellous floral products.

Kerrie Brown designs vibrant and theatrical graphic illustrations, prints, and patterns for use on textiles, wallpaper, lampshades and fabrics.

She overlays photographic imagery with text, drawings, colour pigments, portraits and paper, resulting in a dynamic digital collage that fuses artistic styles, time periods, and cultural symbols.

With names like "Botanical graffiti", "Down the garden path", "I think I'm turning Japanese", and "Rockstar", the aesthetic references are clearly derived from a broad spectrum of European art, combined with a dynamic and vibrant colour palette with motifs from the 18th century, Asiatic influences, and street-art style.

As her central European distributor, we carry a large selection of her cushion covers in linen/polyester mix and velvet. In order to make her sensational wallpaper art available for viewing, we set up the world's largest wall display (18m long, 4m high) in our STORE, along with pattern books where you can see and feel the many different wall and fabric designs.

Cire Trudon Fragrances

Discover the amazing world of scents by Cire Trudon in the Zweigstelle STORE.

We carry a selection of scented candles from the world's oldest wax manufactory, once a supplier to the court of Louis XIV. Choose your favourite fragrance from nearly 30 options – one of the largest assortments outside France.

Paper art

Upcycling paper vase covers by Pepe Heykoop

We support the Tiny Miracles Foundation through the sale of these paper vase covers designed by Pepe Heykoop. They turn a bottle of wine from a dinner with friends into an original souvenir.


With Papertrophy DIY wall trophies, it's never been easier to while away the hours with friends.

Day Collection – Designer cardboard stools

Designer cardboard stools from France in 6 different designs, can be assembled in a few easy steps and taken apart again. Light and strong (each one supports up to 250kg), they are a fantastic addition to the living room.


For glamourous people with dirty nails. Adds a visual kick to your terrace, roof garden or balcony.


Passion, inside and out: Serralunga designs and produces high-quality plastic furniture and containers for your terrace, roof garden, balcony, or living room and office. These classic models stand out for their sturdiness and durability.

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